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Hello my name is Dan Travieso, owner of Bright Buys Real Estate. I would love to talk to you about buying your Fayetteville North Carolina home for cash! But, you may be asking yourself, “With so many options, Why should I sell my home to Bright Buys Real Estate”?  

So let me explain why Bright Buys Real Estate may be the best option for you.

First – you may be in a position where you need to sell your home fast and don’t have the several months it will take to list your home with a traditional real estate agent. Perhaps you need to move immediately, or have already moved because of your job or military orders. Perhaps you inherited the home and are behind on property taxes. Perhaps you don’t have the time to deal with your frustrating tenant or maintenance issues. Perhaps today’s difficult economy has resulted in you falling behind on mortgage payments and you want to avoid foreclosure and damage to your credit score. Or perhaps it is time to retire and you are ready to cash out your properties and take the around the world cruise.

Regardless of the reason, Bright Buys Real Estate can close very quickly. Sometimes within a week! How can we do this? Because we pay cash. No waiting around for banks to process loan applications and conduct an appraisal. No conducting formal inspections and waiting on you to conduct repairs. Also, since we are local to Fayetteville, we can coordinate directly with closing attorneys and quickly get them what they need to complete the deed paperwork and get the sale closed fast. Quick and simple.

The second reason Bright Buys Real Estate may be perfect for you is the fact that we will buy your property As-Is!. That’s right. You don’t have to do anything. Property in bad shape? No problem. Property has a tenant? No problem. Property hasn’t been cleaned out? No problem. Property has squatters? No problem. Flood and fire damage? No problem. We will buy your property in any condition and any situation.

Since we are not real estate brokers, we don’t charge you fees or commissions. AND, we will pay all closing costs!

If you live out of town, we can handle everything remotely. No need to spend time or gas money to travel to Fayetteville!

Bottomline, you don’t have to spend one dime when you sell to Bright Buys.

How are we able to this? Because we have a team that will handle any necessary tenant issues, repairs, and clean-up. With over 15-years in the real estate business we feel confident that we can take the risk of making our money back when we rent the property out or sell it to a new buyer.

And the most important reason why Bright Buys Real Estate may be perfect for you is that we live by our Core Values. Each person and each situation is unique. And even though you may be dealing with a difficult or possibly embarrassing situation, we will always treat you with the respect and dignity you deserve.. Our integrity is valuable to us and we will earn your trust thru our actions. We will do all the legwork and do everything possible to help you thru the process so you can kick-back and relax. We really are here to help.

If you are interested in learning more about how we can help you with your real estate situation please give me a call at 910-364-9575 or visit us on the web at BrightBuysRealEstate.com!

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