Should I Sell My Vacant House In Fayetteville?

Should I Sell My Vacant Fayetteville House?

Hello, I’m Dan Travieso from Bright Buys Real Estate. Like most folks, I spend a lot of time driving around the Fayetteville area, whether I’m taking my son to school, going to his soccer game in Sanford, going shopping with my wife in Southern Pines, or simply driving to the office. As a real estate investor in Fayetteville, North Carolina, I’ve become accustomed to paying attention to houses as I drive around town and usually can spot one or two empty houses.

There are dozens of reasons why a house may be vacant, but most fall into one of three categories:

The house is vacant because the owner had to move before they could sell. This may be because of a job transfer or what is common in Fayetteville, military orders. Sometimes it can be because the owner needed to move in with a relative or a friend to help take care of someone.

Second reason a house may be vacant is because the owner was a landlord and the tenant moved out. Perhaps there are delays in getting the property repaired or finding a suitable tenant.

And the third reason a house may be vacant is because the homeowner may have passed away and the family does not know what to do with it.

Regardless of the reasons a vacant house can result in several problems. First, the bills are going to be coming in. Property taxes still need to be paid. Perhaps there is a mortgage and homeowner insurance payments that are due. Yard maintenance and exterior repairs are needed, or you may receive a citation and fine from the city. You may also have utility payments if the water and electricity are still on.

The second problem that can plague a vacant house is vandalism. Vandals love to target vacant houses to rip out the copper wiring as well as steal the heating and air system, water heaters and appliances.

And the biggest issue with a vacant house is that it can be a crime magnet, whether it is squatters, drug users, or other undesirables conducting illegal activities out of your home. And since you own the house, you still may be liable.

And don’t forget that vacant houses are eyesores to the neighborhood. Vacant houses stick out and your neighbors will not be happy living next to a house with unkept yard, trash and worse, crime.

So regardless of the reason, if you find yourself in possession of a vacant house, give me a call. I am happy to talk to you about options, including the possibility of buying your vacant house for a fair price in as-is condition. Call me at (910) 364-9575 or visit us at

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