Selling Your Home Is That Easy!

It's That Easy!


Hello, my name is Dan Travieso, manager of Bright Buys Real Estate.

Many of you may be considering selling your home but either don’t know where to start or are intimated with what can seem to be a lengthy and complex process. The need to repair and clean the property, conduct open houses, read thru lengthy contracts, buyer appraisals and inspections, more repairs, wait on bank to process buyers loan applications just for him to back out at the last minute, etc. can make anyone hit pause on wanting to sell your home.

At Bright Buys Real Estate we have thrown the conventional process out the window and simplified it into 3 easy steps. We can do this because we will buy your home with cash in as-is conditions. No banks, no repairs, no more time and money wasted.

Step 1 – Is to GET YOUR OFFER! Either give us a call or fill out a short questionnaire on our website and tell us about your property. No issue if you live out of town and haven’t seen it in a while. After we you contact us we will present you with an all cash offer. If our offer meets your needs we will provide you with a short 2-page contract to sign and we will get it out to a local Fayetteville closing attorney for processing. Why are our contracts short? Simple: We are buying in As-Is condition, we are paying all closing costs, and we are paying cash. There is no need for long contracts with dozens of “escape clauses” and contingencies.

Step 2 – While the Closing Attorney is processing the sales contract, which can happen in as quickly as 7 days, we will coordinate with you to conduct a quick informal walk-thru of the property. Don’t worry, it is not a formal inspection. We simply want to get a very good understanding of the repairs we will need to make once the sale is final. No problem if there is a tenant in the property. No problem if the property is messy. We are very flexible and easy to work with.

Step 3 – Closing and collect your money! Once the closing attorney has the paperwork we will be ready to finalize the sale. No problem if you live out of town as the closing attorney’s can FEDEX the paperwork to you for signature and wire you your money! Also, we can work with you if you need time to find a place to live after closing or need to delay closing for any reason. Again, we are very flexible and are here to meet your unique needs and circumstances.

So no need to procrastinate. Contact us today at 910-364-9575 or visit us at

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